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Morehead Community Recycling Center

Job Announcement

Recycling Center Manager

Morehead Community Recycling Center Job Announcement. Recycling Center Manager. The Morehead Community Recycling Center Board, a non-profit governmental board, is still seeking resumes and cover letters for a Recycling Center Manager. Those who have attempted to apply with difficulties, please resubmit to Christopher Merritt, Chair of MCRC Board as soon as possible at the following corrected email address: Please visit: for a full job description. The MCRC Board is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.

Job Description:

            This management position will be responsible for the daily operations of the recycling center including the follow essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Prepares and presents quarterly agendas, material collection and budget reports to the board at quarterly meetings.
  • Prepares and administers the recycling centers annual budget. Submit payroll information to accountant in a timely manner. Pay outstanding bills and deposit service fees and generated income payments in a timely manner. Work closely with accountant to ensure accurate financial records are kept up to date. Submit weekly timesheets, vacation and/or health leave request to the MCRC Board Chairperson.
  • Plans, organizes, directs, reviews and evaluates the work of staff and volunteers at the center. This includes scheduling and processing employee work time, employee training, employee safety, employee discipline and related office records.
  • Plans and implements the day to day operations of the center including staff job duties, collection activities, pickups, deliveries and processing activities.
  • Work and negotiate with vendors to achieve the maximum price on recycled materials.
  • Maintain property and equipment in working order as needed. Exercise good judgment and discretion when it comes to employee, volunteer and public safety while on recycling center property and/or operating center vehicles and equipment.
  • Monitor new regulations, trends and technologies in the recycling industry.
  • Apply for annual Kentucky Pride state wide grants and other available funding to keep the center operational and improve operations and equipment.
  • Promote the use of recycling services to achieve maximum participation. Inform new residents about the recycling program and provide refresher information to existing residents through advertisements including postcards, newspaper and radio advertisements.
  • Serve as media spokesperson. Prepare new or revised ordinances or codes if/as requested by the board. Develop outreach activities and programs; give presentations to schools, parks, civic groups, governmental groups, neighborhood groups, etc. with the goal of increasing collection volumes. Maintains website and engages the community through social media.
  • Satisfactorily resolve customer issues.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Preferred Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Understanding of current methods and technologies related to community recycling programs and waste reduction recycling education;
  • Marketing economics of recycled materials;
  • Grant proposal preparation and administration techniques;
  • Principles and practice of program and policy development, administration and evaluation;
  • Principles and practices of effective employee supervision, including selection, training, work evaluation and discipline;
  • Principles and practice of budget development and administration.

Preferred Skills in:

  • Planning, assigning, training, directing, reviewing and evaluating the work of staff;
  • Analyzing complex problems, evaluating alternatives and adopting effective courses of action;
  • Dealing tactfully and effectively with a wide variety of board members, government officials, civic groups, contractors and the public;
  • Preparing clear, concise and accurate written studies, proposals, and reports;
  • Representing at City and/or County meetings with the public, media, government bodies, etc. to promote program goals.
  • Website and social media technologies and promotions.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Possess a valid driver’s license and have a satisfactory driving record.
  • Must be able to attend occasional evening and weekend meetings and community events.
  • Must be capable of lifting up to 50 pounds and assist in material lifting on a daily basis.
  • Must be capable of working within and contribute to a teamwork environment.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with various stakeholders.
  • Must be able to budget money and supervise employees including handling all related paperwork.


  • $28,000 per year (Starting Salary)
  • Paid sick, vacation and holiday leave
  • 401K contribution match
  • Worker’s Compensation