Our Community Drive-thru Drop-Off Facility is OPEN 24/7

Inside Operation: Only Employees and Authorized Volunteers will be permitted inside the Recycling Center. For a safety precaution, due to having various types of machinery and equipment operating as well as trucks and fork lifts moving in and around our shop. This practice will allow for us to have a safe and successful operation moving forward.

We ask if a Customer needs assistance, then please call 784-1250 or knock on our door.

Attention Residential Curbside Customers please continue to sort your recyclables, into 3 groups, this lessens the amount of times our employees must handle the items and ensures a safer working environment. The 3 groups are as follows: 1.) Cardboard & Paper ( junk mail, newspaper magazines & please bag shredded paper), 2.) Metals (aluminum, tin cans, e-scrap & aluminum foil /pans) and 3.) Plastics ( we are only able to accept #1 & #2 plastics all other numbered plastics will need to be discarded with household trash).

For shredding needs and more information, call 784-1250, visit our webpage at or see us on our Facebook page.

The Morehead Community Recycling Center appreciates your support and cooperation.

We offer many services at the MCRC, some are free and some require a small fee.

Free services include:

  • 24-hour drop off for recyclables
  • Information on buying recycled products
  • Information for local businesses and households on reducing solid waste
  • Tours of the MCRC, showing the process, environmental education and native/natural landscaping techniques, ( by appointment only).
  • Presentations to middle and elementary schools. Call to make arrangements.

Services with a fee include (please, call 784-1250 in advance to schedule these services):

  • Shredding of documents : $15/hour, $5 minimum
  • Collection services for Businesses Curbside Recycling within Morehead City limits : $10/pickup
  • Residential Curbside pickup (available to most all areas of Rowan County) : $10/month